Are you ready to take control of you?

Recent research shows that willpower and self control are very strong predictors of success. If you can learn to be mindful of your desires and build self control then you can enjoy a more satisfying life. Habit Smasher helps you create new habits like going for a jog or learning a new skill, and also helps you squash bad habits like over-eating and smoking.

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How it Works

  1. Download the app and create a Habit Smasher account.

    Desktop and IOS coming soon(ish).

  2. Make a plan.

    Making affective change in your life is all about creating plans and building strong habits. Add your daily or weekly goals as plans into Habit Smasher, and we will turn them into missions for you to complete at the correct time each day.

  3. We’ll generate missions to help you complete your plan.

    Every day Habit Smasher will create missions for you based on your plans. If you accept a mission, you can nominate how long you need to complete it. Earn points and start building winning habits by successfully completing your missions.

  4. Become mindfull of cravings and resist temptation.

    Bad habits are driven by intense cravings. Learn to recognise these cravings and take control of yourself by saying "NO". Use Habit Smasher to log your mental state at the time. If you manage to resist the temptation for 7 minutes, you will earn points. 7 minutes is often long enough for the craving to pass or to become distracted with something else.

  5. Rock the high score table and monitor your progress.

    As you strengthen your self control and mindfulness, watch your progress on the Habit Smasher high score table and also view graphs of your daily, weekly and monthly progress.

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